Why Your Marketing Efforts Are Useless Without Reputation Management

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Finding ‘The One’

No, I’m not talking about a romantic partner when I say ‘The One’. I am talking about something that might be nearly as important than a romantic partner: a job. If there is one thing we can all agree on in this very – interesting – time, it is that being unemployed sucks. I am, and have been for some months, in the thick of a full-blown job search.

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Life Update

Hello readers!

First of all: I am so, so sorry. I have been MIA and I can’t apologize enough for that. But on the bright side, I have gained a lot of personal and professional experience since my last post! I graduated college, got engaged, and moved to Orlando (in that order and in the span of two days, well six if you count the four days it took to drive to Orlando.)

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Work-Life Balance In PR: Is It Possible?

As I transition from a PR student into a PR professional, I am finding it increasingly rare to have any sort of relaxing time to myself. I am often going straight to class after work, or straight to a client meeting after class. Even on the weekends, I am checking my email and managing social media. So what gives? Is there any hope for a work-life balance in a marketing career?

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PR Sins To Never Commit

As a young PR professional, I am constantly learning. I am still taking PR courses in school, I’m completing an internship, and I’m working with a PR firm. All of these responsibilities equal major learning opportunities. While my classes are teaching me the PR basics, it is also important to learn what not to do. Courtesy of an article by PR Daily, here are the seven deadly sins of PR.

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