Clean Up Your Social Media!

More and more employers have taken to the web – perusing the social media accounts of potential employees. Find out how to make sure you get the seal of approval.

In this digital age, we are prone to posting just about every part of our lives on social media. Night out with your friends? Post a picture on Instagram. Did something crazy happen to you today? Write a post on Facebook. At some point, however, it is necessary to create a line  between what you post and what you keep to yourself.

Imagine that you are a hiring manager. You start to Facebook-stalk someone who has just applied for a position with your company. What do you find? Picture after picture of wine glasses, beer bottles, sloppy smiles. Okay, at a certain point, the person stops being a fun time. They start to be a liability. Would you hire someone that is out five nights of the week partying and drinking? Probably not. But chances are that you want someone who can let loose every once in a while. This is a great lesson to keep in mind when cleaning up your social media: protect your personality.

Protect your personality. The way you portray yourself on social media is the way you portray yourself to the world. Show the world that you have it together. You have a good balance of professional and personal content. Show that you aren’t a party animal – but you aren’t a stick in the mud either. Tasteful images of a fun night out can be a good thing. Just make sure it isn’t an every night situation.

Looking beyond images, its important that you maintain a good balance of political content – especially on Twitter. Sure, it’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of political debate, but you don’t want to cut yourself off from a client or a potential employer. I like to stay on the safe side by leaving politics off social media. Being polarizing is not always a good thing for a young professional.

How do you maintain balance on your social media? Do you maintain it at all? Comment or reach out to me on social and give me your opinion. In the mean time, check out this article from The Muse about cleaning up your social media.

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3 thoughts on “Clean Up Your Social Media!

  1. alisonnmilligan says:

    Great article! I feel that some college student do not realize how important their social media accounts are to their future careers. Hiring managers will not be impressed with copious amounts of partying pictures because it does not benefit you in any way. Hiring managers want to see how you take your social media to the next level in innovative and exciting ways. That then shows what you could do for their company and gives you some free advertising! I think that college students need to take social media more seriously and use it to their advantage! Thank you for shedding light on this topic, great advice!

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  2. hmarsharchive says:

    This is so important! People check other’s social media all of the time and not just in a good way. Before you do anything they check it just so they feel like they have the upper hand before meeting you. Before I meet someone’s friend, significant other, employer, or anything I check social media and so does everybody else. How you show yourself on social media does perceive and image of you. It is a double edged sward, because when people go through another person’s social media they think they know the person by what they post. It can be detrimental to work relationships, but if you can show that you can manage a clean social media site hiring managers value that responsibility.

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  3. allettakathryn says:

    I love that you included a post about getting your social media act together because it’s definitely something I’ve noticed amongst our peers and fellow students. I do appreciate that you address the idea that having a few pictures of yourself going out can be a good thing. I definitely think it’s important to be honest and truthful to who you are but simultaneously represent yourself in a positive light. It is a fine line and I think we’re all in an area right now where we’re trying to figure out exactly where that line is, and you do a great job of helping us!


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