Millennials And Email: Why You Should Care

Take a look at your smartphone. How many apps do you have? Which one do you check the most? Chances are, it’s an app that came standard on your device. According to an article  by the Harvard Business Review, the best way to reach millennials is through – drum roll, please – email!

According to the article, Millennials check their email more than any other age group. But why is this? Think back to my first question, how many apps do you have? Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Snapchat are just a few of the infinite number of possibilities. Despite being connected on all of these other channels, it is still best to reach millennials through their personal email accounts. Millennials are checking their email accounts nearly constantly, making it an excellent avenue for marketing.

The article goes on to explain that although email is an excellent way to reach all consumers, you have to market differently to millennials. For example, 88% of millennials use their mobile devices to check email, making responsive design imperative for email marketing to this demographic. Also, timing is everything. According to the article, millennials are most likely to check their email while in bed – so strategic early morning and late night emails may see the best results.

Perhaps most importantly, millennials want to see fewer emails. And in these emails, they want to see images. Don’t constantly send repetitive emails to your mailing list, send fewer that are more visually engaging.

Many have said that email is dying out – that social media is taking over the communication realm once dominated by email. But the research by the Harvard Business Review indicates otherwise. Email is just as important as ever, so make sure to utilize it in the right ways.

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Featured Image by Jay Wennington via Unsplash.




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