PR Sins To Never Commit

As a young PR professional, I am constantly learning. I am still taking PR courses in school, I’m completing an internship, and I’m working with a PR firm. All of these responsibilities equal major learning opportunities. While my classes are teaching me the PR basics, it is also important to learn what not to do. Courtesy of an article by PR Daily, here are the seven deadly sins of PR.

  1. “Deceptive Stunts” Fairly self explanatory.
  2. “Astroturfing” Also known as “fake citizenry” it involves hiring individuals to be supporters of your brand without disclosing that they are hired.
  3. “Sock Puppetry” Think astroturfing online. Fake reviews, fake comments.
  4. “The Faux Hack” Strange or out-of-place tweets or posts on social media from a company that insinuate a hack. When in reality, it was the PR team looking to garner some attention.
  5. “The Fake Ban” Brands claiming that their ads were banned from television because of inappropriate content.
  6. “Social Hijacking” Opening up for a conversation on social with followers that quickly turns nasty.
  7. “The Faux Relationship” Have you ever seen a couple on the red carpet that seem staged? Well, it was probably a faux relationship. These relationships are dreamed up by PR teams looking for some extra media coverage for their clients.

Many of these “sins” may seen obvious, but don’t be fooled. High status companies and organizations employ these tactics quite often, so be sure to keep a cautious eye on the PR of your favorite brands. Beyond that, make sure that you never use any of these tactics. As PR professionals about to enter the industry, we have the power to force these sins into extinction by using smart PR.

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Featured Image by via Joshua Earle via Unsplash.


One thought on “PR Sins To Never Commit

  1. hhascallarchive says:

    A ton of awesome info! Being in the same boat as you, taking classes and working towards graduation, I am always looking for more info and tips to make me a better PR professional. This is a great spin on the typical “what you should do” as a PR professional, and something that many professors don’t touch on. I probably wouldn’t have thought of the majority of the 7 deadly sins of PR. Also, your title and feature image were really fun, which caught my interest in the first place.


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