What To Expect From Your Entry Level Job

Many of us young pr pros are about to enter the work force full time. As we make our way through graduation and complete our internships, it is time to look forward. Before you enter your first entry level position, be prepared: things may be a little different than what you are used to.

In an article from USA Today, Michelle Kruse details the four things your manager wants you to know about your entry level position.

  1. Money. Your salary is something that you should be comfortable with for the first 12 months. As you work your way up in your career, you will have opportunities for raises and bonuses.  But your entry level salary is, according to Kruse, just that – entry level.
  2. Your Impact. This is where the job starts being very different from school. In class, your work affected your grade. In a workplace, your work affects your entire team – and even the entire organization you work for. The stakes are higher in a work environment, so treat it as such.
  3. Initiative. Being assigned work, completing said work and then turning it in doesn’t cut it in a professional setting. In order to stand out and be a true asset to your team, you must take initiative. However, be careful not to step on anyone’s toes. Know your place, but make the extra effort.
  4. Time Off. At work, there is no summer, spring, or winter break. If you want to take a vacation, you have to plan ahead. Way ahead. Your day to day responsibilities affect the entire team, so you won’t be able to make spur of the moment decisions and run off on weekend getaways. Be smart and plan ahead.

The professional environment is very different from the academic environment. Be prepared by incorporating these new rules into your life before you graduate.

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Featured Image by Luke Chesser via Unsplash.


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