Life Update

Hello readers!

First of all: I am so, so sorry. I have been MIA and I can’t apologize enough for that. But on the bright side, I have gained a lot of personal and professional experience since my last post! I graduated college, got engaged, and moved to Orlando (in that order and in the span of two days, well six if you count the four days it took to drive to Orlando.)

I know you are wondering: why in the world would a West Coast baby move to the Southeast?

Answer? For Disney, of course!

I accepted a position in Orlando as a Business Development Graduate Associate with Disney’s Corporate Alliances. I know, that’s quite the mouthful. Basically, I spend my day to day interacting with cast members from all over the Disney enterprise, working to develop multi-year marketing alliances between Disney and other large companies. It involves a lot of research, relationship building and maintaining, and just a touch of schmoozing.

I have found endless possibilities in my time at Disney. From Walt Disney Studios, to Parks and Resorts, to Consumer Products, I have worked with each division and have formed great relationships as a result.

All great things have to come to an end, however. My position with Disney was originally only supposed to last for six months, but I was lucky enough to be extended another six. I am now entering my last three months and am beginning a job search. I love entertainment and tech, and am beginning to look for positions within that space.

That is all I have to say for today, but expect me to be back with more advice posts very soon, most likely on the topic of job-hunting.

Until next time,



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